Bank Account Validation UPI

Initiate instant bank account verification through account numbers validation (and other details)


There are two systems in place to ensure an efficient bank account verification

Penny Drop Verification

The legitimacy of the user’s bank account can be done by making a modest deposit of INR 1. This not only yields verified bank information and the beneficiary but also is very effective in determining whether the associated account is active or not. Upon confirmation of the legitimacy of the user’s bank account, the token amount is credited back to the user.

Bank Account Verification API

A simple and reliable API can identify and authenticate a legitimate bank account via an IFSC code and customer bank account number. Right from bulk account verification, and identification of fraudulent accounts, an efficient banking API can also aid in removing manual errors where payouts are made to verified accounts.

why do we need

Bank Account Verification

The demand for enabling businesses/ vendors/ marketplaces to cross-check proprietary bank accounts stems from the need for risk mitigation. As a business your dependence on the customers to verify the account details of every transaction paves way for fraud and financial crimes such as money laundering.
With bank account verification there is also the added advantage of streamlining the KYC data management. This it turn also reduces manual labour, and documentation errors.
The common thread is that verifying bank accounts is essential for banks and other financial institutions (FIs).

key features

Bank Account Verification API

Accelerated Onboarding

Retrieve and authenticate information via powerful APIs, without exposing data to a third party, thereby eliminating any delays in the onboarding of new vendors/ merchants/clients.

Fraud Detection

With secure and transparent access to data, the risk of identity fraud is eliminated right at the onboarding process.

Instant Check

Validate merchant/ customers authenticity via selective credentials such as the IFSC code and account number.

Automated Workflows

Easy-to-integrate APIs for your existing workflows, or set up an automated workflow to elevate the customer experience with a quick and efficient verification journey.

why ne5

How Ne5 Helps

Ne5’s API banking platform has Bank Account Verification APIs to help businesses like yours provide a seamless experience to your customers, partners, and vendors!

Why Ne5’s APIs for Bank Account Verification?

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