CKYC eliminates the need for physical documents and facilitates the sharing of verified electronic records, streamlining the customer onboarding process.

What is Digilocker

DigiLocker is an Indian digitization online service provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India under its Digital India initiative. DigiLocker provides an account in the cloud to every Aadhaar holder to access authentic documents/certificates such as driving license, vehicle registration, and academic mark sheet in digital format from the original issuers of these certificates. It also provides 1GB of storage space to each account to upload scanned copies of legacy documents.

DigiLocker is a simple and convenient product that can share documents online, accessed anytime, anywhere. Moreover, all the documents can be authenticated by the users, legally on a par with originals, and are accepted by the government of India as a substitute for the original one if required to produce one.

These documents are issued directly by the registered issuers such as Income Tax Department, CBSE, Registrar Office, etc.


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Reduces Operational Cost

Helps in paperless verification as it reduces the administrative overhead by curtailing the verification process.

Digital Transformation

Issued Documents available via DigiLocker are fetched in real-time and the KYC process is completed in seconds.

Secure Document Gateway

Acts as a gateway between the trusted issuer and trusted requester with the consent of the citizen.

Real-time Verification

Provides a verification module enabling government agencies to verify data from issuers after obtaining user consent.

E-sign Facility

Uploaded documents can be signed digitally with DigiLocker.

Share Documents

e-Docs are authentic, legally at par with originals, so can be shared externally.

Leveraging Digilocker APIs

Insurance Industry

Verify customers before onboarding through KYC verification guidelines laid by IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority India) and SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

Financial Services

DigiLocker APIs are designed to protect financial institutions against fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing from blacklist users.

Health Stack

DigiLocker can help verify medical records, consultation proofs, and test results, or even protect from identity theft in the healthcare industry.

Logistics & E-commerce

Verify merchants before onboarding to avoid any malpractice or vulnerable activities on your platform. Similar can be done for your users.

Trading & Gaming

It helps to confirm end users’ and customers’ details, understand potential customers’ activities, and verify their legality.

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