Virtual Accounts

Receive money from people or businesses and easily balance your accounts through your virtual accounts.

Gather and Organize Payments Effortlessly

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Infinite Opportunities

Custom Virtual Accounts

Create custom VAs for all your customers


Reduce variable costs spent during follow-ups, invoicing, operations, etc.

Tracking Payments

Sort payments based on VA, banks, transaction id, etc., and map the flow

Quick Settlements

Collect customers’ payment settlement directly in your bank account

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Personal Loan​

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Mortgage Loans

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Payday Loans

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Use Cases



Reward your customers with cashback using ledgers and deposit it directly into their accounts or wallets.


Apply fees or charges for particular transactions, including services like forex or transfer fees.


Automatically reconcile the flow and balances of customer purchases to ensure accurate tracking.


Monitor payments, repayments, and all activities associated with loans and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services.


Separate loyalty points or 'coins' using ledgers, granting access to additional services within the platform.


Monitor financial transactions for specific purposes such as savings, investments, and more within the ecosystem.

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Recurring Payments

Easily collect recurring payments from users without manual follow-up

UPI Collection

Elevate your platform with UPI-enabled payment collection and instant confirmations.


Effortlessly Transfer Funds to Any Bank Account or UPI ID Automatically with APIs or File Upload, Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7.

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