NPCI’s digital mandate platform simplifies EMIs, payables, premiums, and other high-volume recurring online transactions.

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What is e-NACH?

e-NACH (electronic National Automated Clearing House) is an electronic mandate system that simplifies recurring payments. It’s built on the NACH platform by NPCI and benefits banks, NBFCs, telecoms, insurers, and corporations.

e-NACH streamlines recurring transactions, offering one-time authorization for automatic debits. No more manual premium payments. The process starts with customer approval via Debit Card or Netbanking, then moves through corporate, sponsor, and destination banks, considering customer attributes.

Key feature

How Can Your Business Leverage e-NACH APIs

Mandate Registration

Lets users register mandates digitally, ultimately reducing the TAT

Auto Debit

Schedule automatic payment of all recurring dues to simplify the process

Single Time Authentication

Automated Payments require a one-time authentication via Netbanking or Debit card

Auto Reconciliation

Our Virtual Account Stack help to reduce manual reconciliation of debits

Cost Reduction

Reduce variable costs spent during follow-ups, invoicing, operations, etc

Customer Experience

Provide your customers a seamless authentication as compared to physical NACH

How Your Business Can Leverage e-NACH APIs


EMI auto-debits can be set up by Fintechs or Marketplaces from the user’s account for loans or other services.

Insurance Premiums

The E-NACH system helps merchants deduct monthly/annual insurance premiums from customers for life, health, automobiles, houses, etc.

Merchant Collections

It is now possible for vendors to automate the collection of payments for recurring services they provide to their clients.

Investment Plans

It is now possible to process corporate payouts with ease. These include dividends, bonuses, salary, and other payout

Corporate Allowances

It is now possible to process corporate payouts with ease. These include dividends, bonuses, salary, and other payouts.

e-NACH for Business - How Can Ne5 Help

Why Ne5’s APIs for e-NACH?

How we can help?

UPI interoperability has been mandated by NPCI, which includes an 8-10 digit UPI ID. If it’s a 10 digit ID, the user’s mobile number needs to be used. By using a single ID, your business can transact with customers across any app of their preference, or facilitate the same for partners and vendors.


An e-mandate is an electronic version of a mandate, a standing instruction (SI) given to a bank or NBFC to periodically debit a fixed amount from the account of the customer authorizing the mandate.

e-mandates are helpful tools for recurring and one-time payments and are used for various reasons. Recurring payments for OTT subscriptions, utility bills, loan EMIs, insurance premiums, mutual fund investments, and subscriptions to gaming platforms all involve e-mandates in some form.

eNACH is the infrastructure on which recurring payments occur. e-mandates, on the other hand, are the instructions that govern these recurring payments.

eNACH e-mandates offer several advantages for both customers and businesses:

Seamless Payments

Strong Audit Trail

Simple & Easy-to-use

Cost-effective Payment Automation

Convenient Digital Workflows

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