Simplify User Onboarding Journey

Onboard users digitally with instant background checks through real-time KYC and KYB verifications, drastically reducing customer drop-offs.

Real-Time Document and Identity Verification

Use Cases


Customer/Business Onboarding

Fetch and verify the complete details of any company or individual from national IDs like Aadhaar, PAN, etc., and onboard them instantly

Trading & Gaming Platforms

Perform user identity checks and verify their legality to avoid malicious activities using our dynamic & compliant onboarding platfor

Rental Platforms

Authenticate user credentials while renting out cars, hotels, flats, or office spaces to prevent fraud and other malpractices.

CKYC Checks

Access all critical customer documents, after consent, using a single CKYC API hit. Avoid the hassle of mandating offline KYC with OSV-ready CKYC

Data Augmentation

Strengthen your existing KYC flow with additional validations such as vehicle registration, driving license, voter ID, and more


Run comprehensive background checks on your customers, merchants, or partners with a fully automated user onboarding process.

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