One Scalable Record System for All Platform Transactions and Balances

Record and Reconcile Data

Endless Possibilities

Support Various Ledgers

Access to various ledger systems, including fiat, cashback, coins, etc., via our framework

Real Time Updates

Enable real-time updates on a transaction with the least effort

Mapping Transactions

Monitor money flows in your sales ledger, which helps maintain latest records of transactions

Set Reminders

Set reminders for recurring ledger entries from customers hassle-free

Easy Reconciliation

Leverage Decentro’s payments stack for easy reconciliation and funds management

Support across Currencies

Accept international or custom currency options like USD, INR, EUR, JPY, etc

other services

Other products

Financial Services

Gather information from diverse data sources to fulfill the financial requirements of an organization or individual.

KYC & Onboarding

Onboard users digitally with instant background checks through real-time KYC and KYB verifications, drastically reducing customer drop-offs.


Automate Lending Decisions, Minimize Risk