Develop financial applications effortlessly with our pre-built suite of APIs and SDKs.

Revolutionizing Onboarding

SwiftFlow offers lightning-fast onboarding solutions, powering seamless experiences across diverse industries, from finance to rentals and beyond.

how it works

Validate Users According to Your Preferences

Reduced Manual Errors

Automate intricate processes like onboarding and KYC while reducing errors.

Flow Configurations

Efficiently handle repetitive tasks and processes by creating custom-defined workflows tailored to your needs.

Reduced Dropoffs

Enhance the user experience for a seamless journey with minimal customer involvement.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Automate intricate processes like onboarding and KYC while reducing errors.

Fraud Protection

Utilize SwiftFlow to verify users during the initial on-boarding phase, enhancing fraud prevention measures.

Faster Go-to-Market

Launch quickly within hours using our straightforward plug-and-play APIs or SDKs, and leave integration worries behind.

Use Cases


Customer/Business Onboarding

Fetch and verify the complete details of any company or individual from national IDs like Aadhaar, PAN, etc.

Trading & Gaming Platforms

Perform user identity checks and verify their legality to avoid malicious activities.

Rental Platforms

Verify user credentials when renting cars, hotels, apartments, or office spaces to prevent fraudulent activities.


Conduct thorough background checks on customers or partners through a fully automated on-boarding process.

Logistics & E-Commerce

Access all critical customer documents, after consent, using a single CKYC API hit. Avoid the hassle of mandating offline KYC with OSV-ready CKYC

Insurance Industry

Ensure customer verification before onboarding, following KYC guidelines set by IRDAI and SEBI.

other services

KYC & Onboarding

Securely verify and efficiently onboard customers, ensuring compliance and trust


Access funds when you need them, tailored to your financial journey

Financial Services

Financial Services: Expert solutions tailored to meet your financial needs, ensuring a secure and prosperous future

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