Automate Payments

Easily collect recurring payments from users without manual follow-ups

Make Recurring Payments Friction-less

Reduced Operational Costs

Automate tasks and reduce costs of recurring collections.

Wider Reach

Automate mandates across any bank in the country.

Scale Quickly

Focus on growing your business while our team does the work on integrations.

Reduce Risks

Reduce delayed payments and ensure timely payments from customers.

Save Limitlessly

Reduce expenditure towards heavy integrations and maintaining relationships.

Better Conversions

Set up mandates with minimal hassles and improve conversion.

Use Cases


Digital Subscriptions

Automate recurring payments for services on digital content from users via setting up mandates.


Set monthly EMI auto-debits from the user’s account toward loans or other services for Fintechs or other platforms.

Investment Plans

Charge for all the monthly instalments by setting a one-time e-Mandate for your customer.

Insurance Premiums

Enable merchants by debiting their customers' insurance premiums for health, automobile, etc.

Savings Journey

Set up auto-debit plans to enable customers' monthly saving goals on personal finance platforms.

Edtechs & ERPs

Provide auto mandates to your students and subscribers to increase subscription via auto debit.

other services


It aims at removing the dependency on physical documents and powers the sharing of verified electronic documents helping in seamless customer onboarding.


NPCI's digital mandate platform simplifies EMIs, payables, premiums, and other high-value and larger-volume recurring online transactions.

UPI Autopay

Your platform can be configured to accept recurring E-Mandate payments, such as bills, EMIs, OTT subscriptions, insurance, and mutual funds, via UPI.

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